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Guided tours in Ventspils

Tourism agency Tobago

Guided tours in Ventspils

Ventspils Sights

The excursion provides an insight into the life in Latvia throughout centuries.

Ventspils is the sixth largest (39,000 inhabitants) town, as well as one of the oldest towns in Latvia (founded in 1290).

Though the Old Town lacks impressive architectural monuments, it features a well- preserved ancient street and square planning. The old Market Square bears witness to the era of the Hanseatic League and the Dutchy of Courland, the Town Hall Square with the 19th century Lutheran Evangelical Church- to the period of Russian tsardom, and the Livonian Order Castle- now a museum- to the very origins of the town.

You will be able to learn about the ancient fishermen`s traditions, customs, and their mode of life at the Seaside Open-Air Museum. You will also try traditional meals of the Courlanders, and listen to the Latvian folklore at the Museum. The narrow gauge railway track with its 100-year-old steam engine (lovingly called Mazbānītis in Latvian) is the most popular and attractive exhibit of the Museum. 

You will travel by the narrow gauge train a distance from the Museum to the Hill being built by the people of Ventspils as a centre of active recreation known as Ventspils Adventure Park

What differs the history of Ventspils from the history of Latvia is the history of Ventspils as a famous shipbuilding centre in the 17th century when the Courlanders sailed from here as far as Africa and Tobago in the Carribean Sea.
This period in the history of Ventspils is now characteracterised by one of the eight fountains in the town- Frigate Whale, designed by David Cook (Germany).

Excursions by bus and on foot.

Duration: 4 hours
Price of guide services: 80 EUR (+ museums entrance fees )


Ventspils - Latvia`s Capital of Flowers and Fountains

An excursion to retreat from urban noises, hustle and bustle in silent parks and squares

Ventspils-often referred to as „ Latvia`s Sea Gate” – lies by the coast of the Baltic Sea, and is one of the biggest ports in Latvia.
Although Ventspils ranks only as the sixth largest town of Latvia, it is often called ‘the capital’- Latvia`s capital of flowers and fountains.  There are five times more flowers in the town as its inhabitants-8 flower sculptures, a flower clock, as well as 9 fountains.

During the excursion you will see the fountains: Frigate Whale (the remembrance of the first sailing ship ever to sail from Ventspils to the Carribean Sea in the 17th century),
Sun Boats, flower sculptures: Bobsleigh Team, The Hare and Duck Families, Underwater World, and the biggest flower sculpture- Flower Cow – featuring about 10,000 colourful flowers and plants annually.

You will be able to enjoy peace and presence of nature in the vast parks of the town—the oldest Renka Garden, the largest - Seaside Park.  Strolling along the Anchor Trail in the latter, feel the atmosphere of a sea town. The parks in the town are adorned by sculptures- the participants of the international public art exhibit Cow Parade.

The excursion takes place by bus and on foot, including a ride by a 100-year-old narrow gauge train (Mazbānītis) -  the only of its kind operating in the Baltic States.

Duration: 3 hours
Price of guide services: 60 EUR


Latvian National Traditions at the House of Crafts

Within a 10-15-minute-walking distance from the Ferry Terminal next to the Market Square with its carillon in the clock tower lies the House of Crafts. In the 18th century it used to be the local school. Today visitors of the House can look at (and also buy) a wide selection of items of traditional Latvian crafts.

Craftsmen will demonstrate you their skills in weaving and pottery, you will be able to taste local specialty foods: sklandrauši, rye bread with honey, herbal teas, etc., listen to folk music performed by a local folk group, and brush up your school skills in neat handwriting.

Walking excursion for groups up to 20 people.

Duration: 2 hours
Price of guide servicescontact us for precise information


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