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Excursions in Ventspils

Ekskursijas Ventspilī

Ventspils for those in a hurry or tired of information

  • During the excursion, while traveling with the customer's transport, we will learn how and where the city was born, as we pass by, we will see how the people of Ventspils live today and what and where are the most interesting places in the city for independent inspection.
  • We will get to know the city's more than 700-year history on a walk from the castle hill to the modern center.

Tour duration: 1 hour
Price: 20 EUR

Ekskursijas Ventspilī

Ventspils moments

  • Moments of history in the old town and the castle will introduce 700 years of the life of the people of Ventspils.
  • After a walk through the historical center of the city, we get to know Ventspils as the capital of flowers and fountains.
  • The people of Ventspils will enjoy moments of nature in parks, flower sculptures, fountains and by the sea.

Tour duration:  2 hours
Price: 30 EUR

Ekskursijas Ventspilī

Ventspils - the capital of flowers and fountains

After a walk in the old town, where we get to know the history of the city, we see flower sculptures, fountains and the most beautiful parks of Ventspils. Of course, the moment at the gate of the sea of Latvia, at the Southern pier, will not be missed

We supplement the two-hour excursion with a visit to one museum. Entrance tickets extra: 

Tour duration: 3 hours
Price: 40 EUR

Ekskursijas Ventspilī

Ventspils from A to Z

In the Palace of the Livonian Order and the Seaside Open-Air Museum, we get to know life by the sea several hundred years ago, but we get to know modern Ventspils in the most beautiful parks and squares of the city. 

Entrance tickets to museums




Tour duration: 4 hours
Price: 50 EUR

Piejūras brīvdabas muzejs

All of Ventspils - in your pocket!

In Latvia's sixth largest city, we will enjoy the spaciousness of Ventspils parks, squares and by the sea, but we will get to know life hundreds of years ago:



Tour duration: 5 hours
Price: 60 EUR

Ventspils rakstnieku un tulkotaju māja

Ventspils through the eyes of writers

The International House of Writers and Translators has been operating in Ventspils for more than 10 years. Almost all Latvian writers and poets have worked here, as well as many from different countries of the world. They work here, but the city life is also noticed and captured. 

True, they are not the first. Anna Brigadere was the first to pay attention to Ventspils, Krišjānis Barons also mentions the city in his memories. Dagnija Zygmonte, Monta Kroma, Gunārs Priede, Herbert Dorbe, etc. have written about Ventspils. Ventspils inspired our own Laimdota Sēli's historical novels The Examination of the Mirror, The Hill of Seven Runes. But thanks to the House of Writers, Ventspils is even featured in the novel series "We. Latvia. XX century" Do writers see Ventspils as we do?




Tour duration: 1-2 hours
Price: 20-30 EUR


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